Avoid the uncertainty of fraudulent websites and trust the experts at Hong Kong Online Plaza. As a business who genuinely cares about building relationships, we put our money where our mouth is by offering a clear and concise Buyer Protection policy dedicated to your peace of mind.

Our Promise to You

1.  If your order is damaged we will either replace the damaged part, replace the item, or offer a refund on the damaged item.

2.  If an order arrives and it’s not exactly what you ordered, we will either allow you to keep the item(s) and receive a partial refund OR you can return the item(s) for a full refund.

3.  Counterfeiting is never okay, especially when you searched long and far to find the perfect item. If a counterfeit product arrives in your order, you are guaranteed up to two times the amount you paid excluding shipping costs. As our products originate from China, they are not name-brand items but are made to specific quality standards for your safety and security.

Our commitment to you is two-fold: to offer an impeccable shopping experience and to provide you with access to top-quality, stylish home goods at affordable prices. If we can’t deliver on these commitments, we will make it right. Please contact us immediately with any questions, concerns or suggestions.

*Your financial privacy is of great concern, that’s why we utilize services from TrustCare and to provide you with the utmost security in your online purchasing.